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this here is a bunch of content.

the reason i've taken the time to write actual content is because brandon bitched that there wasn't any.

before it was just fake content in here. actually, it was the word "content" repeated over and over.

i guess he's got a point, tho. on some OS's it was hard to tell anything was happening when it was the same word over and over.

speaking of different OS's, mac and win9x users will be happy to note that ypSimpleScroll uses the same nifty frame-dropping animation algorithm that most other yp-components use. this means that all users, regardless of their platform or processor speed, will see the scroll box move at the same speed.

"smoothness" is definately compromised on some crappy systems (win 9x), but atleast the user won't be sitting around for an hour waiting for the damned thing to scroll...